Grace Glass | Grinder - American Style - Ø:55mm - 5 parts - With 2 different plates

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This new grinder of Grace Glass is a new killer in our grinder assortment. This new American style grinder of Grace Glass has 50mm diameter and consists of 5 separate parts assembled for use. The design is accompanied by some metal teeth that offer you an effective grinding. A screen will filter your herbs so as you can gather the leftovers with the aid of a scraper on the kief catcher bottom and reuse them. You get a choice of 2 different interchangeable plates to select from to meet your requirements. For every day grinding there's a standard plate which provides a medium coarse grind, suitable for most smoking Methods.

Grinder Stil :Normal
Grinder Durchmesser:50mm
Grinder Teile:4part
Grinder Material:metal

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